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Opening Moments motivational videos are licensed and downloadable; or, all motivational videos can be customized with phrases and an organization logo, see rates for details.

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It's time... to "Connect" with this motivational video, with animated illustrations to build on collaboration, innovation and overcoming adversity, setting the tone for a powerful, energized meeting. Fully customizable text and concluding logo.

Excellence in Action


Results Focused Activities

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Motivational video "Excellence in Action" ignites a fire of forward momentum, building anticipation for results focused activities.  Fully customizable text and logo at conclusion.

What Do I Fear?

What do I fear, fear, motivational videos, opportunity, persistence

I Love My Fear

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Motivational video "What Do I Fear" emphasizes overcoming fears as a way of life. Customize the text and add a logo to position the sales force to turn failure into a fire of opportunity!

Quest for Success


Navigate to a Better Future

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Navigate to a better future, pursue progress on a Quest for Success. Inspire the sales force to achieve greatness! Discover new territories and create opportunities! Works well with Step Up for a multi-day conference! 


The Star Spangled Banner

Star Spangled Banner, Patriotic Videos, motivational videos, National Anthem

Celebrating Our Heritage

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New!  The Star Spangled Banner’s lush soundtrack is matched only by its rich vignettes of some of our nation’s most striking and evocative visuals. An epic, inspirational video, The Star Spangled Banner has been painstakingly crafted for organizations seeking a uniquely patriotic theme that appeals to like-minded audiences of all sizes.

Blaze the Trail

Blaze the Trail, motivational videos, inspirational videos

Ignite Your Potential

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Motivational video Blaze the Trail fires up and empowers the sales force for success! Fully licensed, downloadable and ready to go, or customizable with text and organization logo.

Since Last We Met

Patriots-win-Superbowl-2015Celebrating Life’s Continuum Of Winners

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Since Last We Met is the continuously updated motivational video tapestry of events, and the winners we celebrate. From entertainers to sports icons, and a special 'In Memoriam' segment of late ‘greats’ – Since Last We Met is the perfect choice for your annual sales meeting or corporate event – licensed and ready to rock your world!

Gateway to Greatness

Gateway to Greatness, motion graphics, inspirational videos, motivational videos, inspirational videos free download

Cross the Threshold

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Motivational video "Gateway to Greatness" inspires your sales force to begin a journey that can change its destination!


Chart Your Adventure

Chart Your Adventure, Rise to the Challenge, motivational videos, inspirational videos

Change Your Destination

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The direction taken in your journey will determine your destiny; this inspirational meeting opener will inspire your organization to chart their adventure to where there are no bounds!

Step Up

Step-Up-Customizable-motivaSoar Past Barriers

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Defy expectations, overcome obstacles, and soar past barriers. Inspire the sales force to step up to the challenge with the "Step Up" customizable motivational video.  Download now, or customize for your organization (use the form here to customize). Perfect compliment with Quest for Success as a multi-day opener.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers, motivational videos, inspirational videos, meeting openers

Breakthrough Inspirational Video    

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Breaking Barriers is a powerful and uplifting inspirational video; a unique breakthrough message juxtaposed with a gritty, industrial feel - download it now!

Sports Motivational Video

motivational videos, motivational video, sports motivational video

Inspiring Performance

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The Sports Motivational Video is packed full with inspiring winning moments in sports and well known quotes from leaders.  It's downloadable now or fully customizable to set the tone for a national sales meeting.

Neon Meeting Countdown Timer

Neon Countdown Timer Generic

Capturing The Experience

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Elegant yet edgy, Countdown Timer and its energizing music, visuals and inspirational, animated text are fully customizable – from any time period up to 5 minutes before your meeting starts, to messaging that reinforces your corporate event theme, brand or both! Originally produced for a major, international hospitality chain, put Countdown Timer to work for you, priming your audience and building excitement for your next corporate event or sales meeting!  

Dream to the Edge and Beyond

Dream Boundless, Dream to the Edge and Beyond, motivational videos, inspirational videos

Workplace Aspirations with an Athletic Edge

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Dream To The Edge And Beyond artfully weaves athletic prowess with business success. At once paradigm-shattering and edgy, yet credible, ‘Dream’ is the perfect inspirational video for customizing with your brand initiatives and identity – making your next business presentation, sales meeting or other corporate event unforgettable!

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff, motivational videos, NASA, inspirational videos

Achieve Lift-Off

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Inspire employee motivation as never before with The Right Stuff motivational video – fully customizable with animated graphics and animated text to “achieve lift-off” at your next sales meeting or other corporate events. 

We also recommend the Right Stuff Countdown Timerl!

Forge Your Frontier


Forge-Your-Frontier-540Change Your Destination

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Motivational video "Forge Your Frontier" explores the road less traveled, forging new roads in the marketplace, building great results.  Your journey can change! 

Reaching New Heights

Reaching new heights, motivational videos, inspirational videos, mountain climbingOpening Video Clips - Opening Moments Media - Reaching For New Heights - Telly Awards Winner

Taking Teamwork To The Next Level 

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Capture the essence of teamwork with Reaching New Heights, the short motivational video clip featuring mountain climbers ascending to the top. Animated text highlights the critical importance of teamwork in every aspect of your organization. Whether sales training, employee motivation or your next corporate event, take it to the top!

Now available in wide screen format (standard definition wide screen)!

Simply the Best

Simply the Best, motivational videos, awards videos, inspirational videos

Surpassing GoalsExceeding Expectations

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Geared to urban markets with its neon cityscapes and pulsating, contemporary beat, Simply the Best takes your organization’s best attributes and aspirations center stage – in a rainbow of Hollywood lighting and excitement! This motivational video is sure to energize your next employee motivation, sales meeting and/or awards event with customized, animated text – reinforcing the spirit, values and culture of your brand!

Building Blocks

Building Blocks, motivational videos, inspirational videos, meeting openers

Foundation For The Future 

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The excitement of Building Blocks is palpable and immediate. From the moment its primal rhythm and funky backbeat grab viewers, your messaging takes hold in customizable, animated text and animated graphics. Upbeat and progressive, Building Blocks grows beyond its solid foundation to a crescendo of boundless optimism and opportunity – driving your next sales meeting, business presentation or other corporate event to the top! 

Igniting Innovation

Igniting Innovation, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes, inspirational videos

Get Fired Up

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Motivational video Igniting Innovation sets the stage for sales growth with fiery excitement!  Licensed and ready to go, it's also customizable with text and organization logo. 

Jazz It Up

Jazz Up Your Results, motivational videos, motivational video, click to playCustom Presentations  - Jazz Up Your Results - Telly Awards Winner

Artfully Compelling Musical Powerhouse

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Originally designed for a large, annual meeting in New Orleans, Jazz it Up is the Academy Award-quality powerhouse that transcends any one musical genre! Melding musical innovation and impact with stunning, forever ‘now’ visuals,  ‘Jazz’ is the perfect motivational video for forward-thinking, vital organizations wanting to connect with, and inspire their audiences. Fully customizable with your brand messaging and identity in animated text and animated graphics, ‘Jazz’ is sophisticated, yet accessible to all ages and tastes – licensable now for your next corporate event!