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Motivational Videos - Docomo Japanese Cell Phone

commercial, motivational video, inspirational video, xylophone in forest, Docomo

In the words of one of my commercial writers, Bill Warriner, "This is one of the most elaborate, beautiful, intellectually astounding commercials I've ever seen -- and 3 minutes long! The sponsor is Docomo, the Japanese cell phone/smartphone manufacturer and the virtual Verizon wireless network in Japan."

Motivational Videos - "Play" for Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers, Play, motivational videos, inspirational videos, continuous action video

No actors were used in this motivational video for Weight Watchers...and the camera work is tremendous...various lighting scenarios from indoors to outdoors, underwater, moving down the street while recording...all with people who have benefitted from the program!

Motivational Videos - Adcom Inspires Belief


As a creative person, believing in an idea is the difference between life and death, at least as far as creating targeted projects for audiences, and helping people get inspired to take action -- believing that they can do what they set out to do.

Motivational Videos: How Do I Download From YouTube®?

I was asked by a client if they could "download a movie" from YouTube.com® and then show it at a large organization event? I have two simple answers:
  1. Copyrights/Ownership
  2. Resolution

1) Copyrights are assigned to a work when it is complete. You don't necessarily need to see the little copyright symbol © for something to be copyrighted. All footage on YouTube® is owned by the people who made the video -- i.e. the videographer or producer-- and it is automatically copyrighted.

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