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Motivational Videos - What Really Motivates?

What really motivates, animation, motivational videos, training videos, opening moments media, RSA

This animation by RSA illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace.  Adapted by Dan Pink's talk at the RSA, this animation challenges the status quo of what motivates.

Motivational Videos - Nike Voices

Nike commercials, commercials, Nike, motivational videos, inspirational videos, women

In my experience, we all seem to have an inner voice that drives us, that gives us the inspiration to attempt things that seem impossible, things that others don't believe we can achieve. 

Motivational Videos - Walk Together

Johnnie Walker, commercials, together, teamwork, motivational videos, inspirational videos, do it together, team

In one of Johnnie Walker's motivational videos, we see a working man living in a gray world without color, who dreamed of a better world filled with glittering possibilities. They're the kind of dreams that make the world go round! One day a red flower blows into the bowl that defines his world, and he begins believing that he can make it to this better world filled with possibilities.  He tries to take action towards his dream by making the effort to climb out of his world alone, but he fails.

Motivational Videos - Nike's Jumprope

Jump rope, jumping, Nike, commercials, surfing, surf, board surfing, motivational videos, inspirational videos

In one of Nike's motivational videos entitled "Jumprope", the idea of visualizing past successes and envisioning future results is very powerfully illustrated!  We see a hooded figure from the back vigourously working out at jumping rope; then we see a young man's face from the front, as he jumps, recalling the success he's experienced surfing as a boy, and then envisioning himself as a professional surfer in the future, succeeding in various wave jumps,.

Motivational Videos - Docomo Japanese Cell Phone

commercial, motivational video, inspirational video, xylophone in forest, Docomo

In the words of one of my commercial writers, Bill Warriner, "This is one of the most elaborate, beautiful, intellectually astounding commercials I've ever seen -- and 3 minutes long! The sponsor is Docomo, the Japanese cell phone/smartphone manufacturer and the virtual Verizon wireless network in Japan."

Motivational Videos - Adcom Inspires Belief


As a creative person, believing in an idea is the difference between life and death, at least as far as creating targeted projects for audiences, and helping people get inspired to take action -- believing that they can do what they set out to do.

Custom Video Production on Three Continents

Opening Moments Media, Ginger Stephens, Opening Moments, sales meeting openers, inspirational video clips, corporate inspirational videos, corporate motivational video, motivational meeting openers, motivational sales meetings

Our Video Producer Ginger Stephens recently visited three continents to capture custom content for the recent Comstor Worldwide Executive Meeting. Each of the four videos reinforced the theme "Bridging Partnerships" with an Executive positioned in front of an easily identifiable bridge. Each Executive did exceptionally well without acting classes, but with great coaching from our Producer Ginger and a local crew member. Each Executive individually addressed ties between bridge engineering and partner growth.

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