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Motivational Videos - Live the Language

Barcelona, motivational videos, travel, inspirational videos

Living the language of a city is always fun, especially when it involves traveling to an exciting destination! This motivational video captures the adventure of stepping out to experience something new, while enjoying friends and relaxing after work.  This motivational video could also be licensed as a sales incentive destination video for Barcelona!

Motivational Videos: How Do I Download From YouTube®?

I was asked by a client if they could "download a movie" from YouTube.com® and then show it at a large organization event? I have two simple answers:
  1. Copyrights/Ownership
  2. Resolution

1) Copyrights are assigned to a work when it is complete. You don't necessarily need to see the little copyright symbol © for something to be copyrighted. All footage on YouTube® is owned by the people who made the video -- i.e. the videographer or producer-- and it is automatically copyrighted.

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