Opening Moments Media Corporation License Agreement

Opening Moments Media Corporation shall give a non-exclusive license to Client (Licensee) to download and use video for the limited use of non-broadcast purposes only.

Opening Moments Media Corporation shall provide the downloadable file, (Program), in MP4 file format.

Client agrees to the following terms and conditions of this license agreement before Client may download Opening Moments Media Corporation products and any services contained herein.

1. Client shall pay Opening Moments Media Corporation the Contact Price upon the acceptance of the terms of this License Agreement.

2. Upon Opening Moments Media Corporation receipt of Contract Price, Opening Moments Media Corporation shall provide Client, via download, the file(s) ordered.

3. Client shall not be entitled to any refund of the Contract Price whether or not Client fully utilizes the Program(s).

4. The Program is licensed to Client strictly for internal company use only. The Program may not be sold or used for any meetings other than Client internal meetings. Client may not permit the Program to be used for commercial broadcast, or posted to any social media sites, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Wooshi, Wipster, etc. Client is not permitted to cut, clip or edit the Program in any way. Client may not use the music separate from the video content in Program, nor may Client use portions of the Program in other media. Client is responsible to Opening Moments Media Corporation for any violation, infraction, or breach of the terms of this license agreement. Opening Moment Media Corporation and the Client agree to liquidated damages for any violation, infraction or breach of the license agreement done or allowed by Client in the amount of four times the Contract Price.

5. It is understood and agreed by Client that Opening Moments Media Corporation obligation and responsibility is limited to only those terms and specifications set forth in this License Agreement.