Rates and Copyright Condition

Video Production Services

Opening Moments provides 3 different Video Production Services:

  • Downloadable Motivational Videos (not-customized) starting at $395.
  • Customized Motivational Videos start at a base rate of $395 for a Standard One-Time Use License, plus $175/hour for customization. Customization generally requires 2 to 8 hours.
  • Corporate Videos (custom video) start at $8,995.00

3 License Options for Customized Motivational Videos

A. Standard One-Time Use License

A majority of our clients license customized motivational videos for one-time use at one meeting - this is the Standard License. The license is for a period of 30 days from the receipt of the customized video, and will be noted on the Agreement. During this 30 days, the customized motivational video can be used for rehearsals and presentation run-throughs. At the end of 30 days, the license stipulates that all copies of the customized motivational video on digital media be deleted from drives, storage units, etc.

The video can be securely archived for future reference on one archival computer, but if it is shown at another meeting, an Extended License must be purchased.

An Extended License runs 50% of the base rate (for example, with a base rate of $395, the Extended License for Multiple Use provides a one year license for $200), or 100% of the base rate for a Buyout License (i.e. an additional $395 for a Buyout license).

B. Multiple Use License

The Multiple Use License enables your organization to utilize the customized video multiple times within one year. The rate for a Multiple Use License is an additional 50% of the base rate, regardless of how much customization is completed. For example, with a base rate of $395, a Multiple Use License would be an additional $200.

C. Buyout License

The Buyout License is available on most customized videos. Similar to a purchase, a Buyout License empowers an organization to utilize the customized video into perpetutity for meetings (however uploading the video to social sites or websites is prohibited). The rate for a Buyout License is 100% of the base rate (regardless of how much customization is completed). I.e., With a base rate of $395, a Buyout License would be an additional $395.

Contact us for a quote to customize any motivational video.


Motivational Videos are completely licensed and customizable with text phrases, client-provided images (both still and video) and your organization logo. Opening Moments can also provide licensed still and video footage to include in your organization's video on a per project basis. For more details on customization, see FAQ's.

Non-Standard Base Rates

Since Last We Met

Motivational Video "Since Last We Met" (SLWM) has a retail rate of $10,814, or a discounted rate of $8,750 if the client provides 30 organization images. Clients have used headlines, organization outings, special events, awards, or a combination of things.

Opening Moments can provide an "Economies of Scale" discount when an organization licenses multiple motivational videos for the same meeting.

Reaching New Heights

"Reaching for New Heights" licenses at a base rate of $1,495, based on the fees we pay for licensing rights for footage that was captured by videographers who risked their lives on Mt. Everest!

Take It To the Next Level

"Take It To the Next Level" licenses at a base rate of $1,495, based on the fees we pay for licensing rights for footage.

Copyright Conditions

The licensed Motivational Videos available through Opening Moments Media are copyrighted. Unauthorized copying, transmission on Social Sites similar to Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo or Twitter, or public display may render an offender liable for prosecution.