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The Star Spangled Banner’s lush soundtrack is matched only by its rich vignettes of some of our nation’s most striking and evocative visuals. An epic, inspirational video, The Star Spangled Banner has been painstakingly crafted for organizations seeking a uniquely patriotic theme that appeals to like-minded audiences of all sizes.

Format: HD 16:9

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Credits for imagery:

Veteran's Memorial close up: Brandon Bourdages /
Black and White Veteran's Memorial: Geir Olav Lyngfjell /
Marine Corps War Memorial: Joe Ravi / 
Disabled Wheelchair Athlete: PhotoStock10 / 
Fireworks: New Depth Media

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To customize the motivational video above with text and an organization logo, please complete the form below. We’ll send you a 2-column Customization Guide; the first column lists the existing images and text, the second column is blank so you can add your organizations text and logo.  When you return the completed Customization Guide, we’ll give you an estimate for the amount of customization required, generally 2-6 hours. There is a two hour minimum to animate the logo and three text elements, and then it’s 3 text elements per hour. Still have questions or need assistance from a real human? Call our talented team at 877-640-1444. We believe you’ll love the experience!

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