Short Film and Animation Production

Opening Moments produces short films, documentary videos and inspirational animationed videos for organizations for hybrid, live and virtual events, as well as for web pages.

We continue to receive rave reviews from our customers - more than 300 of the worlds most recognized organizations. Whether launching a product, inspiring your sales team, or motivating your entire organization to excel, ensure a successful and memorable event, each and every time - with Opening Moments as your strategic media partner.

Opening Moments Media offers a free brief consultation, which is listening to the results you want to achieve, the current challenges, and then we create a concept on the phone or face-to-face. If you like the concept, we move forward with the project. If not, the initial consultation is free!

What Does It Mean to be Part of the L&A Team?

Designed to grow the Longenecker & Associates team, as well as attract and retain new partners through personal stories of those on the L&A team, our production team worked together with the client to conceptualize and produce this for the L&A website.

Outside the Walls of the Church

Four beautiful stories of the people in the church in Fuego Nuevo, Mexico City, and how being the hands and feet of Jesus is changing the community.

Since Last We Met

Description: Since Last We Met is the continuously updated motivational video tapestry of events, and the winners we celebrate. From entertainers to sports icons, and a special 'In Memoriam' segment of late ‘greats’ – Since Last We Met is the perfect choice for your annual sales meeting or corporate event – licensed and ready to rock your world! Available in multiple soundtracks: this one is "Pomp and Circumstance". Also available with the sound bed Approaching New Land. Since Last We Met is updated just prior to a meeting!

Harvest Documentary Fundraising Trailer

Description: Harvest Foundation equips Pastors to train their congregation to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Harvest is raising $560,000 to fund 9 additional documentaries filled with regional stories of people in the church who are sacrificially loving their neighbors, and as a result, seeing many come to follow Jesus. Our goal with these regional documentaries in Asia, Africa, and South America is that Pastors and the congregations will respond with, "I can do that, too!"

AZTV7 AZ Morning Mix Brad Perry Interviews Bob Moffitt & David Haneke

Description: Bob Moffitt, President and Founder or Harvest Foundation, and David Haneke, Documentary Filmmaker with Opening Moments Media, talk with AZ Morning Mix host Brad Perry about how listening to the needs, and then demonstrating love to the broken people of the community -- how that is transforming entire communities, and how Harvest is producing a series of documentaries to equip Pastors to train their people to take care of those needs.

The Normal Church: 5 Stories

Every days acts of love by people in the church that are changing neighborhoods, cities and even the nation of Uganda. A mini-documentary about how members of the church love their neighbor in 5 stories.

Building a Legacy at Arizona State University C3 Tempe

The Campus Christian Center (C3 Tempe) at Arizona State University is a permanent home for 30 Christian Ministries. For more information or to donate, visit or

A Solution for Poverty with Barry Asmus

Neighborhood Transformation desired a series of videos with high profile leaders who would challenge the current day thinking of major topics, in this case, poverty. Barry Asmus, Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Microchip 2019 Walk-in Graphics

Opening Moments produced both a large screen motion graphics opener for the Presidents keynote, as well as a TV monitor size (16X9 instead of wide screen) for Microchip in house, promoting products containing their microchips. .

Microchip Product Showcase 2019

Designed for an 80' X 25' wide screen and 800 attendees, this motion graphics looping reel of current market products featuring Microchips inspired attendees as the walk-in for the Keynote.

Microchip Product Showcase 2018

Designed for an 80' X 25' wide screen and 800 attendees, this motion graphics looping reel of current market products featuring Microchips inspired attendees as the walk-in for the Keynote.

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