Production Team

Video Producer

David Haneke

Word: Energized

Sentence: "I'm a gentle, tenacious bulldog for my clients, taking their dream that may initially seem impossible to communicate - and making it reality."

In a paragraph: "I love bringing ideas to life with my clients - then partnering with the best creative team on earth to produce the project. We produce creative ideas for our clients that take on different formats: live event management, video production, fund raisers and motivational videos for sales meetings. The greatest reward is receiving a rave review about how we moved an audience to action, how we changed a perception, increased revenue, set the tone or got the exact response that our client needed. It's exciting to have this flexiblity in communicating ideas!"

Motion Graphics and Video Editor

Kirby Koppes

Word: Flexible

Sentence: "I work with motion graphics to make ideas come to life."

Paragraph: "I provide fresh eyes on editing. My strength is in motion graphics, matching musical and rhythmical cues, with a high level of flexiblility, and I'm pretty dang fast from years of on site, deadline driven experience!