Production Team

Executive Producer

David Haneke

Word: Energized

Sentence: "I'm a gentle, tenacious bulldog for my clients, taking their dream that may initially seem impossible to communicate - and making it reality."

In a paragraph: "I love bringing ideas to life with my clients - then partnering with the best creative team on earth to produce the project. We produce creative ideas for our clients that take on different formats: live event management, video production, fund raisers and motivational videos for sales meetings. The greatest reward is receiving a rave review about how we moved an audience to action, how we changed a perception, increased revenue, set the tone or got the exact response that our client needed. It's exciting to have this flexiblity in communicating ideas!"

Event Producer

Tracy Garrity

Word: Connected

Sentence: "Connected to the best partners in the industry, cultivated through almost thirty years of production experience world-wide. And to the world's best clients! This is a Rolodex industry. I'll put mine up against anyone's."

Paragraph: "Tracy Garrity creates and stages unique live corporate events all over the world. Blend in your team, your goals, your objectives and your dynamic, and the final product becomes a unique, memorable brand experience. From Strategic Development through Flawless Execution we will work with you to create a vibe, craft your message and inspire your audience. On time, on target and under budget."

Video Producer

Ginger Stephens

Word: Pumped-up! (the dash makes it one word ha!)

Sentence: "Determined to create a fantastic and effective video and have a great time doing it. Or your money back."

Paragraph: "Communication is the key to life - try not talking for a couple of days... Using imagery, light, words, sound and anything else we need - I love to mold elements into an illuminating message that impacts everyone watching. Why just produce a video when you can create an experience? And let's have FUN doing it."

Technical Director

Chris Murray

Word: Prepared

Sentence: "With preparation comes success"

Paragraph: "I believe the difference between a good Conference and a Great one is the preparation. There are always going to be surprises onsite, but with good pre-planning and organization, many disasters can be diverted well before arriving onsite. As Technical Director/Stage Manager, and in the business for over 25 years, I have learned that just showing up onsite without the proper preparation is a huge mistake. I spend several days coordinating equipment and Labor for each event, making diagrams to be sure everything fits, reviewing the agenda and cross referencing the equipment. This is why many of my clients comment on how calm I am onsite."

Creative Director, Writer, and Producer

Larry Hartstein

Word: Original

Sentence: "I'm a renaissance man, a writer, composer, lyricist, concept person and producer which works out well when you can only afford one of the above."

Paragraph: "What excites me is finding entertaining ways to deliver the message. I've developed an eye for character and an ear for dialogue from being a staff writer for sitcoms like "Full House". I know how to write speeches that praise people's accomplishments without getting goopy from writing star-studded spectaculars like "Live Aid" and "The Golden Karma Awards". And I've created heart-stopping, tear-jerking, goosebump-making, laugh-til-you-hurt corporate shows for crowds from 200 to 20,000. The best projects are always collaborative ones, the ones where the client, who knows their product and service better than we do, participates in the production while letting the team of experts bring their own style and substance to the party."


Gordon Murray

Word: Amiable

Sentence: "When you love your job, it shows."

Paragraph: "My mission is to help host your guests, and to immortalize your hard work. This may take the form of carefully posed and lit couples photos, fast and efficient group or awards photos, or a custom gift that commemorates your time together. It really is the little things that make a big difference - like a smile, sharing a laugh, or lending a hand to help ladies up and down the stage stairs. As a former Event Producer, I understand the importance of creating a positive experience for the guests - while staying on-schedule and on-budget."

Motion Graphics and Video Editor

Kirby Koppes

Word: Flexible

Sentence: "I work with motion graphics to make ideas come to life."

Paragraph: "I provide fresh eyes on editing. My strength is in motion graphics, matching musical and rhythmical cues, with a high level of flexiblility, and I'm pretty dang fast from years of on site, deadline driven experience!