Frequently Asked Questions - Customizable Motivational Videos

Q: Will advertising appear on the downloadable video? In other words, will there be an Opening Moments 'bug' or a green pop-up on the downloaded file?

A: No. The downloadable edition will not contain any advertising or the Opening Moments 'bug'. We place the 'bug' and green pop-up screen on our previews to keep the honest people, well... honest. And hopefully everyone else as well.

Q: How much customization is possible and how does it work?

A: All our motivational videos may be customized to reflect your company culture and logo. Customization can include changing the text, adding in product or service images, company logo, headlines, or event theme graphics (we can design these for you). The material for customization may be uploaded to Opening Moments digitally through our Hightail Uplink. We can also work with original print materials. For each motivational video, we will provide a Customization Guide spreadsheet with two columns: the first column lists all the original images and text, and the second column is blank to include the content that you want to customize. We will make the edit based on the Customization Guide, provide you a low-res approval copy to download, and then provide you with a completed HD MP4 video, with a Hightail link.

Q: What is the fee for customization?

A: Customization rates are $175/hour on motivational videos. The amount of time required depends on the individual presentation, specifically how many changes are being made. Customization can run two to eight hours, depending on the complexity. As a general rule, we can change 3 text elements per hour, with a 2-hour minimum for customization. For example, if you want to change 7 of the text elements, we'll edit these changes, render, then upload an approval copy. We will change any spelling errors or things that we mis-interpreted, generally 30 minutes of editing. With your approval, we'll upload an HD .MP4 to Hightail, and send a link to download the finished video.

Q: How quickly can Opening Moments turn around a customized Motivational Video once we license it?

A: We recommend a minimum of 3 business days for the entire process from start to finish. If you're in a hurry, tell us! We have provided downloadable videos with as little as 24 hours!

Q: Who supplies the customized imagery?

A: Your organization may provide licensed still or video content. Opening Moments also works closely with stock image houses at discounted rates if you need a specific image or video clip. The rates for stock imagery are on a per project, purchase basis.

Q: Can customized Motivational Videos be used more than once?

A: If your organization requires multiple use of a customized motivational video (i.e. multiple regional conferences) we offer 3 types of licenses:

  • One time use
  • Multiple use within a year
  • A buyout on most motivational videos

Although we allow organizations to keep an archival copy of the finished videos, with a single use license, the videos may NOT be used from the archive without an additional license. If you've licensed for one time, and then want to use it for additional meetings, just call us at 877-640-1444 and we'll extend the license. The rate for an extension for multiple uses within one year is 50% of the license rate, or 100% for a buyout, with unlimited use, on most motivational videos.

Q: With a downloadable video, can the content be used multiple times for various meetings?

A: Yes. If your organization purchases the downloadable videos, the videos may be used multiple times. The content may not be sold, copied or uploaded to social media (For example, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest) nor distributed on peer-to-peer sites.

Q: Will the downloadable and customized motivational videos arrive as HD, so that they can be projected on large screens, comparable to 14' X 20' for a large audience?

A: Yes, all licensed Opening Moments motivational videos are professional HD for display on large screens. Opening Moments has chosen to use YouTube and Vimeo low res codec for previews only.

Q: Can our organization show YouTube videos from an Internet connection at a corporate meeting? Why should our organization pay licensing rights for a motivational video?

A: YouTube is intended to be a consumer site for personal entertainment only. YouTube's Terms of Service prohibit commercial use. See YouTube's Terms of Service.

Q: What if I find a commercial, major motion picture or video that seems absolutely perfect for my meeting or event? How can I license it for my corporate event?

A: Contact us about licensing commercials, major motion pictures. Opening Moments Media is often able to obtain permission from the copyright owner to use a full resolution version for organization and corporate events. We also offer Find a Motivational Video within our network of 500+ Production Companies. For a fee of $750, we will provide up to three options to choose from. We negotiate for the best value on the license rate, and pass that on to you.

Q: Can I download a video from YouTube or Vimeo for my organization event?

A: Content on YouTube and other peer-to-peer networks is protected by copyright law. Simply "ripping" or downloading the content to display at your meeting may be an infringement of the copyright owner's exclusive rights of reproduction and/or distribution (for more information, see the Fair Use section of the U.S. Copyright Office website). All content (video, music and talent) from Opening Moments Media Corporation is licensed with copyright clearances. This eliminates the risk of infringement liability for your organization and can limit your exposure to other potential download risks, e.g., viruses, spyware or unexpected material.

Q: Can I use a movie clip from a major motion picture at my corporate event?

A: Yes, provided that it is licensed. Opening Moments will provide this license for you by negotiating on your behalf with the major motion picture studios (i.e. Sony Pictures, Paramount, MGM, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal and Fox) for permission to use a movie clip at an organization meeting. In addition, we'll clear rights with all the actors, musicians, and the Guilds: SAG, AFTRA, Writers and Directors Guilds. Our priority is helping you do the right thing, to avoid legal hassles!

Q: We operate our own edit suite. Can our organization license a clean copy (i.e. no text) of a motivational video and customize it ourselves?

A: Opening Moments Media, as you might expect, maintains control over the EDL (Edit Decision List - where all the original images are digitally stored). As a general rule, Opening Moments customizes the motivational video on your behalf, providing a downloadable, customized MP4. On a case by case basis, we do provide the entire EDL to a professional editing suite so that you and your Producer can edit the video and audio assetts.

Q: Can we substitute a different soundtrack into a motivational video?

A: We don't recommend changing the music. Most of the custom soundtracks have been created and timed with the imagery and have a 'synchronization license' with the musician and recording house. Changing the soundtrack on these programs would change a "pre-produced" program into a custom presentation.

Q: Do these programs originate on HD?

A: All of our Motivational Videos are HD, 16:9 format.

Q: What are the available formats?

A: We offer the Motivational Videos on MP4, the most compatible file format for both Mac and PC platforms. We can also provide international formats like PAL.

Q: What's the first step in licensing the motivational videos?

A: Call us at 877-640-1444, or use the contact form and we'll answer all your questions!

PLEASE NOTE: Copyright information contained in this website is general information and should not be construed as legal advice to be applied to any specific factual situation. Users of this web site should consult with a lawyer for all legal advice.