Motivational Videos

License a Motivational Video

A motivational video playing in front of an audience

Opening Moments licenses and customizes motivational videos and music for organizations! Could you benefit from assistance licensing a motivational video that you've found on our blog, on YouTube, Vimeo or some other video site? Are you looking to license a song that requires a Synchronization License. Do you want to protect your organization against copyright infringement? 

Our team will help locate and license videos and music so that you and your boss (and organization) are off the copyright hook. This may include motivational videos, commercials, music, major motion picture clips and internal communications from other corporations that can be re-purposed for your organization.

Opening Moments acts as your agency to obtain permission to show motivational videos, or play popular music synchronized to images. Licensing has 2-Steps:

1. For videos, Opening Moments charges a research fee to negotiate with the Producer and the brand owner for $500. In the unlikely event that the brand owner says no to licensing the content, we will make recommendations on other content; the $500 is non-refundable.  

2. With the brand owner's permission, Opening Moments negotiates on your behalf to acquire the best rate to license the content and the music, generally in the range of "Free" to - $4,000!  This includes removing the original brand to make it generic, and on some occasions, customization with your organization name. 

The total fee for licensing in these two steps: research for $500, plus the license rate, let's say for illustration purposes, $2,000; making the total $2,500. 

Use the form below to contact our Creative Director David Haneke to license the perfect motivational video for your organization.