All Production Companies Are Not Created Equal

    Critical Expectations - 6 of 9

    Tracy Garrity, a Meeting Producer for over 30 years, continues Part 6 of an 9-Part Series on how to select the best meeting production company. - David Haneke

    Processes are imperative in corporate meeting production. I am a process freak.  They are the walls within which the creative ideas abound, bounce around and then thrive.  Everyone benefits from good processes – the client, the production team and ultimately the event.   Expectations are clear, critical information has been communicated,  budgets have been researched and approved, roles and responsibilities are understood and the timeline is agreed upon.  Everyone is singing from the same hymnal.  Success means the same thing to all of us.

    It is critical to know what will make the corporate event a success in the eyes of our clients.  There may be several right answers to this question, depending upon who is asked.  The crucial element is