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    Event Planning Ideas: Motivational Videos

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    Motivational video clip, corporate event, event planning It's the opening day of your big meeting. The members of your sales team have arrived at the hotel, checked into their rooms, identified themselves with a lanyard tag and assembled for the opening session. The lights dim. Success hinges on what happens next...

    The opening moments of a corporate or organization meeting can make or break the event. You can engage your audience during those moments, providing attendees an energizing experience that sends their emotions rocketing and sweet victory is accomplished - everyone on your leadership team becomes a hero.

    How do you put a "kick" into your meeting kickoff? Certainly, all the rules of corporate entertainment apply, like a captivating original theme graphic, creative staging and lighting and a well-written, entertaining program integrating PowerPoint and (depending on your budget), interactive games and live entertainment (actors, dancers, singers, stunt teams, musicians and mentalists).

    But there's another trick you can pull out of your hat - one that will lend "Hollywood movie magic" to your event: motivational videos that are licensed and ready to go, specifically designed for corporate and organization meetings. 

    Motivational videos promote a variety of themes, including teamwork, patriotism, embracing change and launching new innovation. If you already have a meeting theme in mind, chances are one or more motivational clips will match it. If you don't have a theme, you can develop one around a video clip. In essence, motivational videos become the Velcro that connects all the elements of your meeting together.

    In addition, motivational videos are communication tools. They're designed, like your meeting, with a particular goal in mind - to get your audience to react: to say, feel, do AND even think the way you want them to think. Original music scores and inventive images appeal to your audience's emotions, sending the excitement and expectation in the room sky high - ensuring an enthusiastic reception for the presenter who follows the video.

    Clients who've introduced motivational videos love how they set the tone for the meeting, increases the value for the attendees, and makes your message memorable long after the event.

    Let me know your thoughts on motivationals videos!

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    David Haneke

    Written by David Haneke

    One of the best things I do is to collaborate with our creative production team. I like to see productions get results! Those results include helping tell the vision of an organization, engaging in a sales effort, helping customers better understand the big picture of an organization, or helping clients see the value of services. One of my favorite compliments is from a client that said, "This is the best tool we've had in over 22 years to tell our story!" Specialties: Making an idea or concept come to life through video media: motivational videos, custom video production, and event production.

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