Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Motivational Videos - Trust Your Power

    This is one of the best motivational videos about not letting anything hold you back. Even when the circumstance seems outrageous, Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers says, "Trust that you can get back up and not give in...ever!"

    Motivational Videos - Field Vision | Visualizing Success

    I've heard it said that athletes visualize their performance before they make it happen, whether it's a gymnast on a balance beam, a diver on a high board, or a football running back planning his route for a goal.  Ladanian Tomlinson(LT) American football running back, in the midst of his nine seasons with the San Diego Chargers, (he's currently with NY Jets) visualizes his run before the snap. Tomlinson, often referred by his initials, L. T., has been selected to five Pro Bowls and has been an All-Pro six times.

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