Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Meet Billy: The Boy Who Captured the Stars - Motivational Videos

    This is such a wonderful short story about a boy and girl who become friends under the stars, then part ways as Charlotte moves to the city...yet she misses the stars that are hidden by the lights of the city!  But then, Billy finds a way to give back to Charlotte what was missing, through technology and a lot of ingenuity. 

    When Reality Changes, Your Dreams Don't Have To - Motivational Videos

    This is one of Johnny Walker's spots that have nothing to do with alcohol, everything to do with making things happen when your reality changes!

    Dream to Be - Motivational Videos

    This spot with the tagline, "Dream As Fast As You Want to Be" for Pelephone is so adventurous and wild-haired that it's wonderful! Involving dream sequences, animated giant  tortoises on volcanic beaches, and huskies in a peloton race, it's one of those motivational videos that let your imagination go wild, and yet, it's something that many of us may have experienced at one time (I remember running in slow motion in my childhood dreams)!

    Motivational Videos - Skoda's Paper World

    This live action/animation short is amazingly fun, visionary and full of possibilities! It's one of the best animated motivational videos of 2011!

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