Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Adcom Inspires Belief - Best Motivational Videos

    belief-motivational-video-smallAs a creative person, believing in an idea is the difference between life and death, at least as far as creating targeted projects for audiences, and helping people get inspired to take action -- believing that they can do what they set out to do.

    ING Direct Canada CEO: Engaged Employees Perform

    The best sales people are leaders in an organization. And whether they’re leaders of themselves, teams of 5 or teams of 100, they are responsible for building high performance results. Roy Saunderson of Incentive Magazine interviews ING Direct Canada CEO Peter Aceto who comments, “I do absolutely believe that companies with the most engaged employees are the companies that perform over the long run.”

    Innovation Video Clips - Absolut

    This motivational movie clip tells an absolutely wonderful, cohesive story of innovation one event at a time. Director Rupert Sanders (along with ad agency TBWA Chiat Day, NY) is thinking out-of-the-box.

    Event Planning Ideas: Motivational Videos

    It's the opening day of your big meeting. The members of your sales team have arrived at the hotel, checked into their rooms, identified themselves with a lanyard tag and assembled for the opening session. The lights dim. Success hinges on what happens next...

    Soundtracks Supply Power to Event Productions

    We've all been to a wonderful movie and experienced powerful music sound beds underneath the film which swayed our emotions and provided a heightened sense of excitement, or perhaps fear, or a compassionate sense of empathy.

    Empower Talent for Motivational Videos

    This article from Rangefinder Magazine speaks volumes about photographer John Ratchford's ability to see the beauty in each individual, to convey value to people even if they don't fit a popular mold. He empowers young people to feel important and he goes the extra mile to understand them.  

    Animated Motivational Videos - Olympics

    The Bejing Olympics featured a fantastic animated commercial produced by Creative Agency BDA Singapore; exciting action and motion graphics!

    Pepsi Rising - Best Motivational Videos

    Pepsi-Rising-SM-Motivational-Video.jpgThis is a pretty innovative use of green screen, as well as social commentary. 

    Whether the ultimate goal is to be in front of a crowd or to give your everything for an internal vision, I love the attitude of this young man who makes his way to accomplishing his dream. All dreams require this kind of tenacity.

    Event Production | Dave Ramsey Town Hall For Hope

    Dave Ramsey with a panel speaks to a live Fox News audienceDave Ramsey recently held a Town Hall for Hope that was hosted at 6,000 locations nationwide, with over one million people in attendance who wanted to find real answers about the economy.

    I attended this corporate event, and was inspired that Dave Ramsey gave all pre-registered guests the opportunity to ask questions through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, text message or email. During the live webcast, they selected one question from the social networks as well as traditional email, answering the questions in front of the audience.

    The Reeling - Best Motivational Videos

    The-Reeling-SM-Motivational-Video.jpgThis music video by Passion Pit called "The Reeling" was designed by a production group that shot the film, and then printed it out frame by frame on paper to create the ripping and shredding effects, all "in camera".

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