Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Motivational Videos - Seeing Red Cars

    Laura Goodrich, in one of her motivational videos "Seeing Red Cars" challenges viewers with this statement: "We get more of whatever we focus on." Whether good or bad!  For a sales force, for individuals, and for entire organizations, this message really makes sense! In her coaching, Goodrich asks her clients, "What do you want?" And most people respond with what they don't want!  

    Guild Wars 2 Trailer - Inspirational Motion Graphics

    Guild-Wars-2-Motivational-Video-smallAlthough I'm not a fan of dragons nor of video games, I am a fan of well produced promotional videos that tell "the story" behind the scenes, specifically the innovation of the production team. According to founder Mike O'Brien, Guild Wars 2 is a game that defies existing conventions! 

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