Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Know the Why - Motivational Videos

    Beside the fact that I'm an avid photographer and videographer (and this short inspirational video has unbelieveable videography exclusively using the Nikon D4), this is a wonderful short motivational video featuring three talented athletes who have a passion for their sport, and who know 'Why' they do it! 

    One of the Best Motivational Videos: Dick and Rick Hoyt

    In the midst of seemingly impossible odds, Dick and Rick Hoyt delightfully exemplify teamwork.  Dick Hoyt, the father of a disabled son, has for years created a life of joy for his son, empowering him to be his best.  And in the process, he has brought dignity not only to his son, but to an entire generation of individuals who have disabilities. Disabilities are not always physical...they can be in our minds as well.

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