Motivational Videos for Meetings

    Can't Stop - Best Motivational Videos

    When dreams drive us to do things that we've never done before, in places we've never been before, we say, "I can't stop", as Julian Wilson says in the pursuit of a world title in this motivational video. 


    Nike's Find Your Greatness - Best Motivational Videos

    Nike has produced some wonderful motivational videos, like this one minute spot that appeals to the heart of every human being alive -- inspiring us to give everything we've got to make it happen!

    This motivational video opens in a place called London, OH, in front of a water tower. We then see a whole series of places

    Motivational Videos - A Tribute to The Farmer In All of Us

    Having worked among the rural farmers of America for 10 summers, I have great respect for the hardworking farmer. As this inspirational video illustrates, a farmer is the man or woman who works all days and then heads home to take care of his family, and after that, attends a school board meeting to make a difference in the community.

    Motivational Videos - The Boxer

    This is one of those motivational videos that tells a story of change. How a boxer changes because of 'them', his community of supporters. It just took time.

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