Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    ESPN Breaking Barriers - Best Motivational Videos

    Just another teenager with low expectations?  Not hardly.  At 19, Aaron-Fotheringham-ESPN-wheelchair-flipsAaron Fotheringham decided not to let setbacks slow him down. His drive and determination has inspired other athletes, and he has decided to keep improving, learning things that have never been achieved before.

    ESPN's Stand and Deliver - Best Motivational Videos

    ESPN, in one of their powerful motivational videos, tells about a 16 year old who encountered incredible difficulties in his dream to become a major league baseball player. Nate Winters has an average fast ball of 78 mph, and yet he went through what he called 'hell', temporarily losing his ability to play ball; but Winters had the courage to keep his dream alive, and recently pitched for a Varsity competition.

    ESPN's Marathon of Hope - Best Motivational Videos

    Darryl-Fox-inspirational-video-smallThis is an amazing motivational video clip about Terry Fox, an 18 year old who ran across Canada...inspiring thousands.  Cross wanted to do something dramatic to help children who had cancer, calling it the Marathon of Hope. Fox ran 26 miles every single day on an artificial leg, 137 days on the road, running 3,339 miles through rain, heat, and humidity. Fox wanted to raise $24M.  He got up at 4 am to accomplish this, seeking donations across lonely expanses of highway.

    Dreams Come True | Best Motivational Videos

    What we all want in life is a shot; what we do with it is the story we all want to tell. This inspirational video by ESPN is a story that brings incredible emotion into play, a story of triumph which amounts to more than a shot.

    "Achieving My Goal" - Motivational Clips by ESPN

    Kicking off a meeting with a powerful story like this about DJ Gregory can do wonders in engaging a sales team. The emotion of this short 12-minute motivational video is powerful and can inspire individuals in the audience to give their absolute best to achieve their own goals!

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