Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Soap Box Race - Best Motivational Videos

    One of the best motivational videos illustrating that when things don't go as planned, providing a push can make the difference in achieving a dream.

    The Recital - Best Motivational Videos

    This motivational video opens by posing the challenge: "If you were given the chance to do something that you've always wanted to do, but you had to start today"...what would it be? The surprise answer from this father and daughter is so heartwarming!

    Never Stop - Best Motivational Videos

    Young lady accomplishes her ambitious dream to explore all kinds of difficult activitiesThis short motivational video powerfully illustrates the ambitious dream of a young girl -- which soon becomes reality as she challenges herself to amazingly daring activities!

    ESPN's Stand and Deliver - Best Motivational Videos

    ESPN, in one of their powerful motivational videos, tells about a 16 year old who encountered incredible difficulties in his dream to become a major league baseball player. Nate Winters has an average fast ball of 78 mph, and yet he went through what he called 'hell', temporarily losing his ability to play ball; but Winters had the courage to keep his dream alive, and recently pitched for a Varsity competition.

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