Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Guild Wars 2 Trailer - Inspirational Motion Graphics

    Guild-Wars-2-Motivational-Video-smallAlthough I'm not a fan of dragons nor of video games, I am a fan of well produced promotional videos that tell "the story" behind the scenes, specifically the innovation of the production team. According to founder Mike O'Brien, Guild Wars 2 is a game that defies existing conventions! 

    ESPN Breaking Barriers - Best Motivational Videos

    Just another teenager with low expectations?  Not hardly.  At 19, Aaron-Fotheringham-ESPN-wheelchair-flipsAaron Fotheringham decided not to let setbacks slow him down. His drive and determination has inspired other athletes, and he has decided to keep improving, learning things that have never been achieved before.

    American Airlines "Putting Them First" - Best Motivational Videos

    This American Airlines motivational video clip, "Putting Them First", in support of those who serve not only contains a powerful emotional component, it also contains an effective call to action for the AA website, where guests can participate in supporting our US troops, as well as find ways to get involved in Haiti relief, American’s Miles For Kids In Need®, and several other initiatives.

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