Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Take Risks - Best Motivational Videos

    This motivational video for Allstate illustrates one of my favorite Proverbs: A person who doesn't want to work says, "There's a lion in the road! There's an angry lion wandering in the streets!"  Sometimes I don't want to leave the comforts of my own home because I'm afraid of what might happen. My life involves risk: driving my car to the office, making sales calls, meeting face to face with clients...and yet, I still do it! Taking risks is part of a good life.

    Nike's Find Your Greatness - Best Motivational Videos

    Nike has produced some wonderful motivational videos, like this one minute spot that appeals to the heart of every human being alive -- inspiring us to give everything we've got to make it happen!

    This motivational video opens in a place called London, OH, in front of a water tower. We then see a whole series of places

    Motivational Videos - Zach Giffin - What All the Sacrifice Is For

    This spectacular motivational video takes you to experiences in Alaska that are beyond human imagination, as Zach Giffin gets neck deep in snow to accomplish his personal best, pressing the limits that even he didn't think were possible!

    Split of a Second - Motivational Videos

    This is one of Swedish Company Goovin's exciting motivational videos that make you laugh in amazement at what can be done when the risks are as high as the determination to make it happen! The feat of human flight (just a man in a jumpsuit with wings) seems so impossible; the surprise is that it not only happens, but it's exhilarating! 

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