Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    When We Believe, We Can - Best Motivational Videos

    We believe we can be anything that we wanted to be when we're young, as it's so well illustrated in this motivational video. 

    Project Daniel - Motivational Videos

    Daniel lost his arm as a boy in Sudan but gets a new mechanical arm from Mick Ebling.Technology can be a tremendous power, when specifically designed to serve individuals and then groups of people! In this motivational video of Project Daniel, we experience how 3D printing is changing the lives of dozens of people in one international community!



    Brighter Future: the Way Kids See It - Best Motivational Videos

    Kids see things with an open mind...often young people have dreams about what is possible, and don't see the inhibitions that adults do. In one of Unilever's motivational videos, we experience what is possible -- ways to solve problems locally and globally.

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