Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Motivational Videos - Polar Bears Film

    This short animated movie clip is not only humerous and fun, it also speaks to preparation as well as taking time out from important obligations - and making time to hang out with your family!  

    Changing Destiny - Motivational Videos

    Ever had a day that you'd like to do over again, to be able to make ever-so-slight changes, so that the result of the day would turn out different? The main character in this animated comedy does exactly that!

    Dum Spiro: If at first you don't succeed... Motivational Videos

    Animation is such a wonderful craft for demonstrating truths in life that are often humorous!  In this entertaining motivational video by ESMA (in French: Ecole Superieure Des Metiers Artistiques, translated Higher School of Artistic Crafts), Producer Boris Cailly and team do a superb job of illustrating the axiom, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!"

    Rock in the Road - Motivational Videos

    When selfishness overtakes a kingdom, one boy has an experience that not only changes the outcome of his own results, but also sets an example for everyone in the community to emulate, even under great adversity.

    Motivational Videos - 2012 Olympics Stadium

    This is one in a series of amazing animated motivational videos to promote the 2012 Olympics!

    Dream to Be - Motivational Videos

    This spot with the tagline, "Dream As Fast As You Want to Be" for Pelephone is so adventurous and wild-haired that it's wonderful! Involving dream sequences, animated giant  tortoises on volcanic beaches, and huskies in a peloton race, it's one of those motivational videos that let your imagination go wild, and yet, it's something that many of us may have experienced at one time (I remember running in slow motion in my childhood dreams)!

    Motivational Videos - Transform a City

    I love motivational videos that empower people to make a difference, to change current circumstances, to do something locally that has far reaching impact. This short spot for the California Endowment by the agency Preditorial in Los Angeles, carries such a story.

    Motivational Videos - Skoda's Paper World

    This live action/animation short is amazingly fun, visionary and full of possibilities! It's one of the best animated motivational videos of 2011!

    Motivational Videos - Cravendale Milk's "Cats With Thumbs"

    Cravendale's "Cats with Thumbs" tells a creative story with animation, featuring the wonderful voice over of Tim Curry. 

    Animated Motivational Videos - Olympics

    The Bejing Olympics featured a fantastic animated commercial produced by Creative Agency BDA Singapore; exciting action and motion graphics!

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