Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Motivational Videos - Every Pitch

    Dick's Sporting Goods puts together some of the best motivational videos - stories that relate to the leader of a sales force as well as decision making in daily living. We all have critical decisions to make everyday, much like this pitcher.

    Motivational Videos - The Glove

    This is one of Dick's Sporting Goods motivational videos telling a remarkable short story of a mentoring relationship from the big brother to his little brother, revolving around a baseball glove.

    ESPN's Stand and Deliver - Best Motivational Videos

    ESPN, in one of their powerful motivational videos, tells about a 16 year old who encountered incredible difficulties in his dream to become a major league baseball player. Nate Winters has an average fast ball of 78 mph, and yet he went through what he called 'hell', temporarily losing his ability to play ball; but Winters had the courage to keep his dream alive, and recently pitched for a Varsity competition.

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