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    David Haneke

    One of the best things I do is to collaborate with our creative production team. I like to see productions get results! Those results include helping tell the vision of an organization, engaging in a sales effort, helping customers better understand the big picture of an organization, or helping clients see the value of services. One of my favorite compliments is from a client that said, "This is the best tool we've had in over 22 years to tell our story!" Specialties: Making an idea or concept come to life through video media: motivational videos, custom video production, and event production.

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    Hope is Power - Best Motivational Videos

    Have you ever felt trapped, like it seems impossible to do something, no matter how hard you try? Others say, "You might as well stop trying... there's no use. It's just not going to happen!" Sometimes those voices are from others; sometimes they're in our own heads.  A sense that we're stuck, we're just gonna keep doing the same thing over and over -- and get the same results.  It sometimes develops a sense of hopelessness! This short motivational video, originally produced by The Guardian captures the powerful notion that change is possible -- IF we don't listen to the nay-sayers!

    How Much Does a Video Cost - In 5 Steps

    One question that I get asked often is, "How much does it cost to make a video?" Well, that's a great question, and I'm glad you asked!  Clients often want a straight forward answer, like, "it's $2,000 per finished minute", or it's $25,000, or, "Here's my rate card".  In order to answer that question, may I use an analogy? Buying a video is similar to buying a house, i.e. not all 

    To My Great Granddaughter - Best Motivational Videos

    When we think of rising to the occasion in order to make something happen that will prove to be what's best for the next generation, this motivational video captures just that!

    Can't Stop - Best Motivational Videos

    When dreams drive us to do things that we've never done before, in places we've never been before, we say, "I can't stop", as Julian Wilson says in the pursuit of a world title in this motivational video.

    This motivational video opens with Julian Wilson standing on the sandy beach during one of the most beautiful times of the day, with storm clouds overhead. We hear him tell his personal story while we see images that support his story.

    "I'm always looking to be the best version of myself; it's in my blood." Following are a few quick shots of stunts he does on the surf board, things that most people wouldn't dare to do on a surf board. He continues, "I grew up

    Hero's Journey - Best Motivational Videos

    This motivational video describing one Hero's Journey takes a humorous approach to participating in worthwhile causes. 

    Can You Get Stills From Video?

    Like most everyone in the cinematography industry, I was fascinated and somewhat doubtful when Jim Jannard announced at the 2006 NAB that RED Digital Cinema Camera Company would build a 4K digital camera. Well, they delivered on their promise just 17 months later when RED ONE debuted. Capturing 4K images at up to 60 fps, RED ONE provided out-of-the-box functionality at feature film quality.

    You Don't Focus On What You Don't Have - Best Motivational Videos

    This motivational video is very kinetic in touch, sight and sound; about a relationship of a superstar and how she is inspired by her own sister.

    Hard Knocks - Best Motivational Videos

    “Hard knocks” illustrates how I feel each day before engaging in sales conversations. Before I make one single call to a prospect, essentially I feel at a disadvantage, sometimes even inadequate. Then come the thoughts, “You’ll never get these.” “You don’t have enough time to make the calls.” “One call doesn’t matter; do something else instead.” But, once I connect with a prospect, and begin asking questions and engaging with the client, the game changes.

    Soap Box Race - Best Motivational Videos

    One of the best motivational videos illustrating that when things don't go as planned, providing a push can make the difference in achieving a dream.

    The Race of Two Minds - Best Motivational Videos

    This is one of the best motivational videos that illustrate how our thoughts, positive or negative, create results, either positive or negative. Do thoughts matter?

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