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    To My Great Granddaughter - Best Motivational Videos

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    Woman dreaming about the future at workWhen we think of rising to the occasion in order to make something happen that will prove to be what's best for the next generation, this motivational video captures just that!



    We often think of rising to the occasion when it comes to something really fun, like spending time with our best friends. But often, rising to the occasion is thinking about not only our future, but the future of our family -- in providing the very best for them. In this well produced motivational video, a great grandmother speaks her thoughts to her great granddaughter while we listen in.

    What I like so much about this is the beautiful story. We step back in time to see young girl during the war times being separated from her family, and the only treasured possession she has is her teddy bear. Often suffering and trials give us character and hope, even when we are scared or not sure how that will fit in. We see a series of vignettes of this young girl maturing, working on a production line ironing, then studying at night, then getting a job in an office, working until late hours to follow her dreams, and she eventually moves into a corner office with a window view. But the focus is not so much on her achievement for success sake, but how she is remembering the hard work that allows her in the future to bless her great granddaughter with a full heritage, able to do some of the things that the great grandmother wasn't able to do. Her hope is stated so clearly, "so you can have the childhood they said I couldn't have, in the places they said I couldn't go."

    The great grandmother continues, "But what if I struggled and sacrificed and swore to succeed -- so you could wake up one day with the choice to be anything you wanted!" This is indeed what this great grandmother has done!

    In the work of sales, we face setbacks, challenges, and seemingly impossible situations. But when we have a vision for the future, and the hand of our Creator guiding us, we can do anything. I love the spirit of this motivational video in demonstrating that attitude.

    If you're looking to tell a story to inspire your sales force to recall and develop a vision through the setbacks, or to tell another equally compelling story, our production team would love to assist you! We even provide a free initial consultation. Or, perhaps you want to license this motivational video; we can license most motivational videos for organizations to show at their sales meetings, often obtaining permission to change the branding.   

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