Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Motivational Videos - Magpie's Story

    Magpie's story is told from the point of view (POV) of a canine, sometimes referred to as a 'dog-cam'.  It's quite effective in showing 'a day in the life of' this fluffy actor. 

    Inspirational Video "We Are America" US spells Us

    America-motivational-video-smallA proud tribute to America featuring the energy of the Olympics, our freedom defended by the military, and the special moments of our lives in America; this motivational video has something for all ages!

    Dancing Around the World - Best Inspirational Videos

    Dancing-Around-the-World-smallThis is hysterical!  Inspiration often begins with simple, quirky ideas! Matt Harding was a video gamer, and he knew how to dance, but not very well. A traveling buddy gave him an idea to record himself dancing in Hanoi. Then Matt posted his dance, and one person told another, and the word got around. 

    Nike's My Better is Better - Best Motivational Videos

    My-Better-is-better-than-your-better-inspirational-video-smallThis is one of those motivational videos that will pump you up!  The extreme high speed cameras, slowed to a snail pace, combined with colorized images that seamlessly blend together, as well as incrediblly beautiful lighting -- make this inspirational video believable.

    ESPN's Marathon of Hope - Best Motivational Videos

    Darryl-Fox-inspirational-video-smallThis is an amazing motivational video clip about Terry Fox, an 18 year old who ran across Canada...inspiring thousands.  Cross wanted to do something dramatic to help children who had cancer, calling it the Marathon of Hope. Fox ran 26 miles every single day on an artificial leg, 137 days on the road, running 3,339 miles through rain, heat, and humidity. Fox wanted to raise $24M.  He got up at 4 am to accomplish this, seeking donations across lonely expanses of highway.

    Inspirational Video Clips - Nike's Write the Future

    Write-the-Future-Small.jpgThis motivational video clip by Nike, Write the Future, is not only well produced, but tells a wonderful story: what you do in your life affects your future. Whether you're playing in the World Cup, serving others in your company, or giving back to the community, each action you take affects your future.  This production is part genius, part imagination...and it's powerful! See for yourself.

    Coach Ed Thomas' Son: Reconciliation - Best Motivational Videos

    Coach-Ed-Thomas-small-Motivational-Video.jpgThis is one of those amazing motivational videos - a story that needs to be told and re-told about the legacy of Ed Thomas - a football coach in small town Iowa. Sometimes circumstances don't make sense, and the tendency can be toward anger or bitterness. However, the story of Ed Thomas' family is one in which forgiveness and reconciliation are born out of great tragedy.

    Dreams Come True | Best Motivational Videos

    What we all want in life is a shot; what we do with it is the story we all want to tell. This inspirational video by ESPN is a story that brings incredible emotion into play, a story of triumph which amounts to more than a shot.

    ING Direct Canada CEO: Engaged Employees Perform

    The best sales people are leaders in an organization. And whether they’re leaders of themselves, teams of 5 or teams of 100, they are responsible for building high performance results. Roy Saunderson of Incentive Magazine interviews ING Direct Canada CEO Peter Aceto who comments, “I do absolutely believe that companies with the most engaged employees are the companies that perform over the long run.”

    Motivational Videos - Behind the Scenes with Ginger Stephens

    Ginger Stephens is no ordinary, award winning Producer!  In a recent Podcast interview, Ginger reveals the value of what she terms professional 'quarterbacking' of a media production. 

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