Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    3D Invades Blackberry World Event Production

    The International Users event, Blackberry World 2011, featured new 3D technology on screen for 5,000 attendees at Marriott World Center in Orlando, FL.

    Event Management - Enjoying the Show! Part 9 of 9

    Tracy Garrity, Event Producer, concludes her 9-part series on producing exceptional events and event management, insight for the Marketing and Sales Leader.

    When I first started in this industry, I had a very wise boss who told me that by the time a good Producer arrives on-site, there is nothing for them to do but sit back and enjoy the show.  “You are the guy who brings the ice to the party,” he told me. “Everything else is ready to go.  It’s the last thing you need and the one thing everyone else forgets.” 

    Event Production: Creative Collaboration - Part 8 of 9

    This is Part 8 in an 9-part series on creative event management ideas, a brief conversation between the virtual production team of Tracy Garrity, Event Producer, and David Haneke, Executive Producer, where they reveal the creative magic in planning a corporate event - and the value of collaboration between the client and the production team.

    David: One of the first questions that I ask clients who approach me for creative development of an event is, “What is your sales force experiencing now, and how do you want your people to feel, respond and act as a result of an event or video?”

    Amazing Animated Images - Pink Floyd's The Wall

    With a design team that includes production designer Mark Fisher, lighting designer Marc Brickman, and creative director Sean Evans, Roger Waters' The Wall 30th anniversary tour set is a facsimile of the 1980 version, with a bit more projection this time around.

    Event Production: 5 Promises to Expect - Part 7 of 9

    This is Part 7 (5 Promises to Expect) in an 9-part series on creative event production by expert event producer Tracy Garrity. When I buy anything, it is critically important that I understand exactly what I’m buying. I want to know what it’s made of, how long it will last and what maintenance is required.  

    -David Haneke

    If it allows for customization, I want to know how much input I have and what are the approval points along the way. I want to understand how much it costs, all inclusive, and when I can have it. The more the item costs, the more due diligence I’m willing to put into the purchasing decision.

    As an informed buyer, it is my responsibility to ferret out this information, weigh it against competitive products and then assess how much I really need it. I want to make sure that I’m getting what I need – for the greatest value.

    Event Production: Critical Expectations - Part 6 of 9

    Tracy Garrity, Event Producer, below continues Part 6 of an 9-Part Series on event management and planning corporate events. 

    - David Haneke

    Processes are imperative in corporate event production. I am a process freak.  They are the walls within which the creative ideas abound, bounce around and then thrive.  Everyone benefits from good processes – the client, the production team and ultimately the event.   Expectations are clear, critical information has been communicated,  budgets have been researched and approved, roles and responsibilities are understood and the timeline is agreed upon.  Everyone is singing from the same hymnal.  Success means the same thing to all of us.

    It is critical to know what will make the corporate event a success in the eyes of our clients.  There may be several right answers to this question, depending upon who is asked.  The crucial element is to ask the question and define expectations early. 

    Event Production: Hand-Picked Team - Part 5 of 9

    This is Part 5 in an 9-part series on event production  and corporate event planning ideas by event planning specialist Tracy Garrity.

    -David Haneke

    Event Production: Effective Messaging - Part 3 of 9

    Susan Tarantino, in collaboration with Tracy Garrity, two outstanding professionals in Event Production, continues with Part 3 of an 9-Part Series on Event Production for the organization leader responsible for corporate events.

    Event Production Companies: Created Equal?

    Tracy Garrity continues Part 2 of an 9-Part Series on selecting the best event management companies, focusing on what you should expect from a trusted event production partner.  

    - David Haneke

    When it comes to getting the most bang for your dollar, the devil is in the details. 

    It’s very important to make sure that you really are comparing apples to apples.  The best way to insure a fair comparison is to start with a detailed bid.  The more information given, the less there is to justify additional billing.  The more detail to the bid, the more integrity to the quoted pricing.

    Best Event Production Companies: What's Inside? Part 1 of 9

    I've asked Tracy Garrity, a colleague and an exceptional Event Planner, to write a series of 9 guest blogs on working with the best event production companies in the industry. When you have the best event production company working for you, it gives you the freedom to take care of other priorities. But how do you know that you have the best?  Below is the first in an 9-Part Series.

    - David Haneke

    Finding the right production company is a critical first step in putting together a successful meeting.  There are a lot of good production companies out there.  How do you determine which one is right for you?

    Begin with the end in mind. What will make the event successful in your mind, your boss’s mind and the minds of the attendees?  Is there more than one audience?  What do they need to learn, believe, feel and embrace when they leave the experience?  You want to find a production company that will get in the trenches and work with you to achieve those goals.

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