Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Motivational Videos - America's Best Coach

    This is one of those amazing motivational videos in honor of Coach Mike Krzyzewski, more commonly known as Coach K of Duke University's Men's Basketball Team, the Blue Devils.  Coach K was named Sportsman of the Year in 2012 by Sports Illustrated (along with Sportswoman Pat Summit, then coach of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers). But Coach K doesn't attribute this honor to himself...he really pours into the lives of his players.

    Michael Jordan Maybe It's My Fault - Best Motivational Videos

    Very few people can speak to a youth basketball team like Michael Jordan. Even though I'm not necessarily a sports fan, I have great respect for anyone who has proven himself both on the court as well as off (the latter is living proof of excellence in character). This powerful motivational video illustrates what it takes for winning performance: perseverance and continually working at it! 

    Motivational Meeting Opener with John Wooden

    You don't need to be a sports enthusiast to know about the late John Wooden...considered one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time. He influenced me personally: not because I played basketball, but because he lived and taught certain principles that to this day motivate me.  For instance, he focused his players on being a team and helped them recognize their Creator, and to be the best they could be. 

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