Best Inspirational Videos for Meetings

    Hope is Power - Best Motivational Videos

    Have you ever felt trapped, like it seems impossible to do something, no matter how hard you try? Others say, "You might as well stop trying... there's no use. It's just not going to happen!" Sometimes those voices are from others; sometimes they're in our own heads.  A sense that we're stuck, we're just gonna keep doing the same thing over and over -- and get the same results.  It sometimes develops a sense of hopelessness! This short motivational video, originally produced by The Guardian captures the powerful notion that change is possible -- IF we don't listen to the nay-sayers!

    The Man Who Couldn't Slow Down - Best Motivational Videos

    This short mini-movie is quite inspiring; a man with a vision ultimately sets 9 world land speed records!

    When Reality Changes, Your Dreams Don't Have To - Motivational Videos

    This is one of Johnny Walker's spots that have nothing to do with alcohol, everything to do with making things happen when your reality changes!

    Motivational Videos - Get Back to What You Love

    One of the motivational videos for Baptist Healthcare inspires people to "get back to what you love"!  It's hits home for many of us; I have recently put aside some of the things I love including road biking. This inspirational video reminds me about the grit, the determination, and the early morning hours that I put into road biking, resulting in fun and excitement! It seems that when I engage in the discipline of working out, along with plenty of rest, challenging activities with work seem to diminish.  Having balance is important...all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! 

    Downhill - Best Motivational Videos

    Victory requires continued perseverance, and sometimes it involves getting knocked down, experiencing upsets and then getting back up.  The determination to win often involves trial and error, correcting our path, then pressing in...again.  Motivational videos like this one for Prairie Milk Marketing Partnership demonstrate that determination pays off!

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