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    Guild Wars 2 Trailer - Inspirational Motion Graphics

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    Guild-Wars-2-Motivational-Video-smallAlthough I'm not a fan of dragons nor of video games, I am a fan of well produced promotional videos that tell "the story" behind the scenes, specifically the innovation of the production team. According to founder Mike O'Brien, Guild Wars 2 is a game that defies existing conventions! 

    This inspirational video on the new release of Guild Wars 2 features Art Director Daniel Dociu along with Game Designers Colin Johanson and Ree Soesbee who are edited into the midst of the scenes from the game (using green screen, motion graphics and rotoscoping), as though they're standing in the midst of the imaginary game world.  This makes their message about the design of game that much more exciting! 

    I couldn't help but think about the implications for corporations and organizations, particularly for motivational videos and educational training videos. For example, imagine that your company has just released a new product or service. We interview the designers and the VP responsible for the new product/service, as they tell about the intent and the benefits (i.e. how many people it reaches, how it meets a need and transforms lives). With animation and motion graphics, we step inside the product and service and illustrate these points, similar to how Guild Wars Art Director Daniel Dociu did.  

    This animation requires some production (Opening Moments can do that for you), but the end message is powerfully encapsulated in less than 5 minutes for potential new customers!  Contact us for a complimentary consultation for your new product or service. 

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    David Haneke

    Written by David Haneke

    One of the best things I do is to collaborate with our creative production team. I like to see productions get results! Those results include helping tell the vision of an organization, engaging in a sales effort, helping customers better understand the big picture of an organization, or helping clients see the value of services. One of my favorite compliments is from a client that said, "This is the best tool we've had in over 22 years to tell our story!" Specialties: Making an idea or concept come to life through video media: motivational videos, custom video production, and event production.

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