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    Doing the right thing, Liberty Mutual, policy, helping others"What started as a whisper, slowly turned to a scream...", the music in the background of this spot sings out. The voice-over talent continues the theme, "Everyday people choose to do the right thing. There's an insurance agency that does that, too. Liberty Mutual Insurance. Responsibility: what's your policy?"

    One instance of doing the right thing sets in motion another, and entire communities are affected, one person at a time. At first, a business man in a crowded train station watches as a porter makes way for a blind passenger.  Later, this man is playing soccer and makes a hard hit to an opponent, and extends his hand to help him up. On the sidelines of the soccer field, a woman viewing the game sees this. Later she is waiting as a bus approaches, and as the back door opens, a man exits and drops his business papers, and she thinks for a moment and dashes over to assist him, missing her ride.

    A man inside the bus notices and is later in line at the grocery story, and he gives preference to a Mom with a crying baby.  A man who observes this from the frozen food aisle is later on a beach and rescues a rolling inflated tube from in front of moving bicycles, avoiding a collision of a woman with a young child. This same woman is later raking leaves in her front yard and notices her neighbor who needs assistance, and she goes to assist, and the neighbor across the street notices while washing his car. The next day this neighbor is at work and cleans coffee off the floor that someone else had spilled, and the story goes on...

    This is one of those motivational videos that not only feels good because people are doing the right thing, but it also promotes a policy of treating others well, and the inherent rewards of doing so.

    The human element of doing the right thing is so refreshing in business, in community, in sports and just about anywhere, as it influences others lives in a positive way!  It's always the best policy, whether people catch you in the act or not! 

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    Written by David Haneke

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