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    A very funny video about image stabilization using a camera mounted on a chicken's head.This is one of the most hilarious motivational videos that I've seen for the brand LG, and yet it tells a great, relate-able analogy that ultimately supports image stabilization!

    I found myself giggling as I laid down to sleep last night, thinking back to when I had viewed this video earlier in the day. Even though the overall message is about image stabilization for a phone, the idea is conveyed through a chicken, showing that it's portable and easy to use, anywhere (even a chicken can use it). And it's hilarious!

    The spot opens with Dave, who says he's an experienced videographer. He takes us to his man cave where he has drawn prototype designs of various image stabilization devices. He shows us a football helmut with a weighted back arm, a sort of steadicam device, a handheld wheel stabilizer, and at the same time we hear him say, "The holy grail is to get that steady shot - that really stable picture", while we're viewing an obviously unstable video image of the tops of trees in a motion from left to right. He says, "Then I came across this amazing clip on the Internet", showing a man moving the body of the chicken, all the while the chicken's head remains in the same location. Dave then tests and confirms this behavior on his own chicken, Lizzy. 

    Dave shows a number of different prototypes for chicken helmets: flexible, super light weight, and comfortable, along with the capability of sending full HD images directly to his laptop. Obviously these are the same characteristics of the image stabilizer on the LG phone. Dave says, "Let me give you an example; the effect has been amazing.  And jobs have been coming in like crazy.  I never leave her at home anymore."  We see a series of uses with the "Galluscam" mounted on the head of the chicken, followed by actual footage: chasing his dog, an aerial of a speed boat, slowing pulling back to reveal the chicken at the front of the boat, then stable point of view footage from the Galluscam, followed by a close up of the chicken enduring the high winds. Then we're in a concert crowd, where he's holding Lizzy the chicken over his head to capture images of the band. The sound effects of the chicken clucking are hysterical!

    Dave then says, "She's even got her own gear now". He shows us a traveling case loaded with accessories. Next we're at a raceway, with a coach prepping a high speed motorcycle rider as he revs his engine. The coach pulls away from the bike to reveal Lizzy on the front of the bike, just behind the windshield. Dave gives Lizzy a thumbs up and says, "Come on, Lizzy, you can do this"!  Then the motorcycle speeds away, and we see Galluscam shots, (actual point of view shots from the LG optical image stabilizer), as the motorcyclist passes another bike at high speeds around a tight corner. 

    "She's out there now making shots that I didn't even think were possible", Dave says, as we see Lizzy tucked in the lap of an off road biker who is approaching a dirt mound jump. Then we see a point of view with the Galluscam from the bike!

    "She used to be afraid of heights, but not anymore", Dave says, as we see skydive jumpers exiting planes at 13,000 feet over icy mountain caps, and the camera pulls back to reveal Lizzy strapped to the belly of one of the divers, followed by a close up of Lizzy clucking, with her Galluscam camera mounted on her head.

    Next we see a kayaker getting ready to go over a 30 foot waterfall, Lizzy on the front. We then see a close up of Lizzy mounted on the front end of the kayak with straps, clucking as she goes over the waterfall. Before we see the kayaker land in the water below, we're back in Dave's man cave, Dave sporting a broad smile, "She's just the best thing that's ever happened to me!" Then we're back with the kayaker, having arrived safely at the base of the waterfall, celebrating a victorious journey, with Lizzy mounted on the front, clucking away. 

    At the conclusion, Dave is petting Lizzy on his porch, and then we see a close up of the eye of the chicken, whose head is steady, while Dave moves her body up and down. The eye of the chicken morphs to the eye of the Galluscam stabilizer on the LG phone. The concluding text, "Great ideas are everywhere. LG G2 presents Optical Image Stabilization".

    The analogy of Lizzy with her wireless image stabilizer camera is all along about the Galluscam optical stabilizer on the LG phone. 

    Funny analogies are tremendous for selling products.  Our team licenses videos like 'Steady Feathers' for business meetings, clearing the talent (Dave, the Internet man, skydivers, etc.), music, and acquiring permission from the owner (in this case, LG); we get all permissions on behalf of your organization. Our team also creates many ideas from scratch. Contact me for a free one hour to put together a custom video. 

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