Motivational Videos for Meetings

    Motivational Videos - Doing the Right Thing

    "What started as a whisper, slowly turned to a scream...", the music in the background of this spot sings out. The voice-over talent continues the theme, "Everyday people choose to do the right thing. There's an insurance agency that does that, too. Liberty Mutual Insurance. Responsibility: what's your policy?"

    Motivational Videos - Army Strong

    I'm thankful for our US Army. Each chance I see one of our service men or women in uniform, I try to go out of my way to say, "Thank you for serving!" This 60-second motivational video addresses brotherhood, getting over yourself, doing something that will change lives.

    One of the Best Motivational Videos: Dick and Rick Hoyt

    In the midst of seemingly impossible odds, Dick and Rick Hoyt delightfully exemplify teamwork.  Dick Hoyt, the father of a disabled son, has for years created a life of joy for his son, empowering him to be his best.  And in the process, he has brought dignity not only to his son, but to an entire generation of individuals who have disabilities. Disabilities are not always physical...they can be in our minds as well.

    Motivational Videos | Facing the Giants

    Another great coaching moment...this motivational video clip highlights an inspiring coach who understands how to empower a team, through one player - even in the face of pessimism, doubt and a naysaying.

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